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3 December 2020

Walk, Don’t Run

Due to a technical error this show is missing 12 minutes near the beginning.


9 October 2018

Celebrating John Lennon’s 78th Birthday. Geoff Emerick remembered.

2 February 2017

Rock You Like A Hurricane; Extreme Weather Can Be Sexy.

26 January 2017

Features: Beatles January ’67, Bee Gees ’67, Mod, Glam, Mantra Rock Dance San Francisco ’67

19 January 2017

We’re So Sorry, the musical art of diplomacy.

5 January 2017

From The Beginning – Let’s start the New Year with a clean slate.

29 December 2016

Year In Rebuke – Lenn remembers all the great talents who have passed away in 2016.

3 March 2016

Groove to “Paisley Pop” 1967-68 London’s psychedelic scene.

25 February 2016

George Harrison’s 73rd Birthday Celebration.

Great music from George with and wthout The Beatles, rare interviews, plus snippets of Lenn’s interview with Gurudas president of ISKCON and close friend of George Harrison and John Lennon.

4 February 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day Commemorate The Beatles first appearance on American TV, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with some great love songs.

21 January 2016

David Bowie Remembered  Lenn interviews screenwriter Nick Nicola, and world-renowned Bowie Tribute, David Brighton. Hear select Bowie songs and interview snippets .

5 November 2015

The concept illusion of “TIME”. Loads of cool songs and funny bits.

22 October 2015

The Beatles’ Rubber Soul Turns 50! Lenn plays rare tracks and actual studio sessions from 21-28 October 1965, plus rare takes from Beatles studio sessions Oct. 1963 and 1964.

15 October 2015

You Say You Want A Revolution pt. 2 . Lenn plays the best revolution songs. Plus speeches from  JFK, Eisenhower, John Lennon, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and everybody’s “favorites;” Bush Sr., LJB, McNamara, and Brzezinski.

8 October 2015

Celebrate John Lennon’s 75th Birthday with Lenn Johnston! Experience a blend of rare interviews, great Beatles/Lennon music, and other fun surprises.

20 August 2015

15 August 1965 The Beatles played Shea Stadium in New York. Hear the original (non-digitized) audio from this historic performance.  The Beatles were in perfect harmony in spite of having no monitors and 60,000 screaming fans.  Also hear a rare and intimate interview with Brian Epstein by Murray The K from 1967 pre-Sgt. Pepper. 

9 July 2015 

PT 1. Special guest: Vivek Tiwary, 25-time Tony winner and creator of The Fifth Beatle (The Brian Epstein Story) which has been greenlighted to be produced as a film.

2 July 2015

PT 2. Special Guest: Ivor Davis, Beatles’ exclusive tour reporter who shares his amazing and humorous stories while on tour with The Beatles’ during their US tours. This week hear his stories about Beatles’ last days of touring, manager Brian Epstein, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, and much more!

Check out Ivor’s book The Beatles and Me On Tour

21 September 2014

Anniversary Beatles At Shea 1965, plus interview with Marco Magnani of Mark And The Clouds