Lenn Johnston

According to top casting agents in Europe and Los Angeles, Lenn Johnston looks and sounds more like John Lennon than does anyone else in the world.

Lenn’s spot-on John Lennon spoken voice, singing voice, looks, and character have wowed everyone from TV host, Conan O’Brien, to Liverpudlians and New Yorkers who knew Lennon best.

Conan saw Lenn in his audience and explained, “We noticed him before the show and we were all freaking out backstage.” Conan literally stopped his show, saying, “It’s uncanny! It’s really hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon here.” “…You gotta understand,” he continued, “We didn’t put him here; this is GOD doing this. GOD put him here.”

In synchronicity, Conan shared with his audience the vision of “Time-Traveling John Lennon” that Lenn had created, but without foreknowledge, branding Lenn just that:Time-Traveling John Lennon”.

Lenn is unique. He improvs as John Lennon for hours at a time – on air, on stage, or on the street – leaving people wondering whether John Lennon really has returned.

Fans who saw John Lennon back in 1960s and 1970s – and even new fans too young to remember – are experiencing again the wit, creativity and spirit of John Lennon.

Lenn creates original music, videos, poetry, and short stories, in the style, voice, and spirit of John Lennon; as if Lennon were somehow teleported into the future. His John Lennon film project began in 2015. Keep posted for details.

You can hear Lenn weekly on his eclectic Rock N’ Roll radio show, Lenn Johnston’s Parallel Universe Thursdays on OurGenerationRadio.com 7pm ET•4pm PT• Midnight GMT.


What people are saying:

“In capturing John Lennon’s essence, it feels as if [he] has downloaded him. There is no one in the world who brings John Lennon to life like he does.” – Sebastian St. George, Los Angeles Producer

“Your look and sound of John is just remarkable. The best I’m sure I’ll ever see.” – Annette Poirier, Rhode Island

” … If channeling is real, he WAS John Lennon … he had the look, the mannerisms, and everyone was amazed, to say the least!”…..

– Dave Mason, Host of The Beatles Radio Show on 101.5 KGB, San Diego

He “perfectly evokes both the spirit and imagery of John Lennon in one of the most original and effective tributes that I have ever heard and seen … simply amazing.” – Ronnie Dannelley, Editor, EAR CANDY Magazine

“When [he] strolled the streets of Ventura, traffic stopped.” – Ivor Davis, The Beatles’ Exclusive Tour Reporter, 1964-66

“You should have been on the TV Show Vinyl John Lennon clip. Nobody does it better.” – Alan Merrill of rock band The Arrows, writer of song I Love Rock n’ Roll

“The more you see and hear him, the more you believe.” – Wayne Proctor, We the People, premiere ‘60s psychedelic rock band

“Absolutely the best Lennon out on any clothesline… Stunningly punnie. Brilliantly done. This guy seems to channel John’s very essence. Long live John…through [Lenn Johnston]!” – Bill Horn, California

 “You are the most awesome John Lennon on earth! Love you!” ­– Betty Atchison, premiere Cher tribute artist, Florida

This is what I am talking about, here’s somebody [Lenn] who’s actually giving back to John Lennon instead of sucking off of his fame like all the other tribute guys. – David Peel [John Lennon’s closest NYC friend], showing Lenn’s CD to his entourage.

I have listened to and auditioned all the top John Lennon’s in the world. You, Lenn, are by far the closest in vocal accuracy of anyone. – Ralf René Maué [German Songwriter-Producer and Musician]

“The feedback was incredible… we got so many phone calls that your performance was great…”  – Richard Schneider, after his combo Surprise 50th Birthday / Wedding Anniversary party, Arizona

“[He] captured John’s warmth and charisma, along with that bit of mischievousness that made him so much fun to be around. He was the centerpiece that made the Bed-In recreation come to life and an unforgettable addition to Beatlefair.” – Kathi Rothe, Art Director, Come Together Club, California

“My father and I met you at Strawberry Fields. We were certainly blown away when we saw you, because both my father and I are enormous John Lennon fans. We wanted to thank you for making us feel like we were in John Lennon’s presence. It was as if John Lennon himself was standing in front of us and talking to us! You made our trip so special and you were really the highlight of our trip to New York. Thanks again for being so kind to us and promoting John Lennon’s message of peace to the world and humanity.” – Elias and Melina, Mexico

“If you don’t believe in reincarnation, check out [Lenn Johnston]. He looks like John Lennon, talks, walks, thinks, dresses the same. It totally blows my mind!”  – Robert J. Pepe, New York

“Your likeness to John is uncanny, not just looks-wise but performance-wise. Watching you perform I can imagine what it must have been like to see John live. You have a real gift and I’m glad you are sharing it.” – Susan Nowak, Australia

“Many people have asked me if I took a picture with a wax figure of John Lennon, that’s how good you are! They can’t believe it’s an actual person. I saw your videos, you sound a lot like him too. I really look forward to going to one of your shows anytime. Thanks a lot for the picture. I really appreciate it. You’re a really nice guy, John!!” – Mauro Pereira, Brazil

“John is still talking to us through [him]. Great work!” Sal D’Onofrio, California

“It was very special. It was spooky but nice!” – Ana Seguro, Portugal

“I just wanted to say I am a true fan. Sounds like I’m saying I’m a fan because I think you’re the real John Lennon, but no. I am a fan of you. John Lennon is a big part in my 16-year-old life. And I’d like to thank you because you capture him well. I know almost everything and anything about John because I’ve spent years researching John, and you’ve got him fit perfect. Your work is amazing. I love it. And I just wanted to tell you how great you are.”  – Kayleena Fong, California

“You are John Lennon reincarnated” – Tara Jolly, Florida

“You could pass for his twin. Thank you for being phenomenal!” – Gregg Rappa, New York

“it still takes my breath away how much you look like John!” – Courtney Gunderson, Minnesota

“I love watching your videos, you are so John Lennon the second!”   – Valerie Kuhn, Arkansas

It’s uncanny! It’s blowing my mind! It’s hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon here.                                                                                                                                                                     – Conan O’Brien

Time Traveling John Lennon on CONAN

Lenn Johnston Interviews Beatles Tour Reporter Ivor Davis, Part 1

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